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Looking no further, the Indonesian voice over artist you're looking for is here

Here I am, Muhammad Nurman, man of talents and humor. I am a self learner, who, up to now still like learning anything by myself. When I was a kid, I wanted to be an actor, but I was obsessed with and got distracted by some other talents, I wanted to be a painting artist, singer, comedian and more, anything related to entertainment or staging activities. But I landed here, you can find me as an Indonesian voice over artist.

I believe in action more than theory. OK, that’s correct, that without theory how anything can be implemented? Before getting to this profession as Indonesian voice over actor, I worked as an English teacher. This is the thing that I learned very extreme in my teenaged life. This way I could get a job easily without having to have a degree. You know, we have to proof that we are able to do as expected, right? That’s what I main action is better than theory. No matter how hard your education is you cannot get you want without taking action.

However, becoming an employee, having rejected in the workplace and finding some ignorant, toxic people was not a good idea for me to survive in this comfort zone for the rest of my life. I had to move on.

I got resigned twice in my life time with both leaving me nothing but with small money to survive in a short period of time, the second one was actually not resignation but I may call it as a pending resignation as I wanted to resign but I had not guts to do so. This time the compensation that I got after getting laid off was only to survive for a couple of weeks if not less than a week but my boss gave me a laptop for me to work independently.

With this I developed my drawing hobby, converting to business. Before focusing on becoming this Indonesian voice over artist, I enjoyed doing whiteboard animation. But voice over job turned out to be as profitable as doing animation or even more!

We can say a $5 for a beginner is a worth trying to make thousand or hundred thousands monthly. That can be achieved by hard work, off course.

But, OK, that’s from my side; the more important thing is that how I make clients satisfied with my job, that’s the point. I have worked with and used to work with a few freelance sites like upwork and fiverr and there I got 5-star reviews a lot to boost my confidence and make magic for all clients that I have got. Now it’s my turn to work independently and directly with my clients. One thing for sure I won’t let you down. I am, I have been and I’ll be a full time freelancer for the rest of my life, working from the comfort zone of my house.

So here is the equipment history of mine which is better told you about. Trying several mic condenser to make all things right, here are the lists that helped me make money so far. And the latest which is a dynamic mic what I am using up to now.

  1. Samson Meteor Mic
  2. Samson C01
  3. Irig Mic Cast
  4. Fifine K688b
  5. ATR 2100 x

OK, that’s all that I can share with you about me. I may edit this later in case there’s important thing to put here. Let’s rock, let’s make magic. Let me do my best to boost your business in Indonesia.

Indonesian voice over artist is here, baby. Indeed, talking is such a nice thing to do, yahoo!

Before you leave, relax here for a second. Listen to this Indonesian voice over artist sample