Male Indonesian Voice Over Is Here

male indonesian voice over talent

Man4success, a male Indonesian voice over to rock!

Are you looking for a male Indonesian voice over? There are many talents in the world to help with your business. Off course they are Indonesians. Native Indonesian. And I am one of them. There is a time or much time that I can provide for this job, because I am a full-time freelancer. You can also find me on facebook to get update of my service.

I can deliver your order in less than 24 hours for words of script up to or no longer than 1000, on condition I am not too busy. Not, I am never too busy even though there are many jobs to do in day, except for extreme huge flows of work but that hardly ever happens. You can contact me by whatsapp first to check my availability. I always stay at home, go out occasionally to ATM or mini makrket. One day delivery doesn’t include translation and syncing to video or split files if there are many things to do with this package, except you can pay me extra for this. As the one to provide this service of male Indonesian voice over, I will do my best to meet your expectations. You can request a sample if you like. The whatsApp chat box right below this page is access for you to contact me promptly. I’ll be replying to you as fast as I can except when I’m bathing. Lol.

If you happened to deal with me at one of those freelance sites you may find me as man4success or by my real name Muhammad Nurman or just Nurman to provide an Indonesian male voice over service. Well, I am not there anymore for long. You know, maybe it’s not only me to I find how greedy those freelance sites keeping the money for themselves and apply stricts to freelancer. But, OK, let’s cut it. No negativity should be exposed more, right?

You came here because you want someone to help you with your business, to voice over your project and you need a male Indonesian voice over to help you with this. Just send your script and it’s up to you to contact but filling in the form provided in this site or directly contact me via Whatsapp. Make sure you provide as detail information as you can, including samples if any. This is better provided very well upfront so that I don’t have to repeat the whole recording if there is a mistake in reading style or you have many additional things or edits in the script.

I can translate your script from English to Indonesian and make effective choise of word if the text happens to be too long after being translation. Honestly, google translate is getting better now compared to few months ago if not a year. Using this machine currently is like having a real human translation who does it traditionally. Maybe later on translation service will be no more, replaced by this AI. Your client will be wondering if your translation is 99% or 100% similar to Google translate. Your chance is how to can govern this machine, not that machine govern you. There’s still possibility of error using translation machine and you are there to make things right, OK?

OK, guys, if you like my other services, you can try my custom whiteboard animation, I have been doing this for more than 5 years and this an origional work of art where I can sketch any images you want. Also if you want me to represent your business in Indonesia using my face and voice, that would be OK too.  The male Indonesian voice over talent is here, ready to work. Listen to samples here.

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