Man4success, Indonesian Voice Over Service & Custom Whiteboard Animation, Is No More On Fiverr

If you came here because you've known me, man4success, on fiverr for gigs like custom whiteboard animation and Indonesian voice over, then maybe you clicked so many of my links on Google pages that lead to fiverr, especially from twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pininterest etc.

Unfortunately, you won't find me there anymore, because my account has been deactivated. So sad and so sorry about it. But, however, I don’t have to cry all the time for this.

nurman, indonesian voice over talent
Indonesian voice over talent, man4success is here

It is a nightmare, after 5 years of building up a comfortable business selling services and making easy money now it's all history. Starting from changing a mindset, switching my user name from man2sting, used so far on line, to man4success hoped to get lucky as the name. December 2015, man4success was there on fiverr with his first gig in the platform of a whiteboard animation and followed by an Indonesian voice over service done with simple recording tools and everything was done as a hobby. In addition, I also sold other services that are relevant to Indonesian keywords, such as English to Indonesian translation, proof reading, svg drawings, SEO writing and other pending plans.

Now that this bad thing has happened, a little mistake that can't be fixed. I can't get accessed to fiverr and could only write a request letter in order that they’re willing to reactivate my account, when their email notification came telling about my ad, I on behalf of man4sucess tried to bid, apologized for the mistake of accepting a client's offer to work outside fiverr, hoping that I could continue manage and sell my gigs like custom whiteboard animation again and Indonesian voice over work. There were one or two offers that had not been dealt with and projects that had been cut down, so that I will never accept the payment again. They gave me 90 days to get my last earning paid to me.

Again, those of you who have ever known me, done business with man4success for services such as custom whiteboard animation and Indonesian voice over, if you happened to come here, we can continue doing business here for fee that is still the same as when I was on fiverr. You might also know me by the name Nurman only. That's my real name which I used on fiverr to let people know that I really exist and do my own work, not pass it on to someone else. My full name is Muhammad Nurman and people should call me Muhammad. But because in Indonesia we’ve got so many men named Muhammad and it is not customary to call this a nickname, they use the last name as a nickname. It's up to you to call me, whether it is Muhammad or Nurman, no problem!

The show must go on, I must move on. I need to make ends meet. Here you go; you can hire me for anything related to Indonesia, my beloved country. This website may only provide Indonesian voice over service, but that doesn't mean you can't order a unique custom whiteboard animation for your business. OK, on ​​Fiverr there are many who provide this service, but everybody has his own uniqueness, including me, so I will do the best for you.

Contacting me for business is easy, please fill in the order form here and I will reply to your email or if you have WhatsApp you can directly chat with me discussing any projects you want. Payment is easy and safe, you can pay me via PayPal and for huge projects we can use escrow service for business security, where I get paid only if my work is approved by you.

OK, guys, man4success is no longer on fiverr. Any custom whiteboard animation works, which are unique as well as sketched and Indonesian voice over service, can still be done here. I look forward to working with you.

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